St. Thecla Booster Club

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The St. Thecla Booster Club consists of all parents who have children participating in the St. Thecla sports program.  Every parent of a St. Thecla athlete is considered a member of the Booster Club.  The Booster Club is responsible for raising funds to supplement the athletic budget, setting up and maintaining facilities used for St. Thecla sporting events, recruiting volunteers for athletic functions as needed, and keeping records of volunteer hours worked.

The Booster Club shall select officers for the group on an annual basis (July to June of each school year), and the group shall meet once per quarter, or more often as needed.  Two members of the Booster Club shall be selected each year to be the Club's representatives on the Sports Committee.  All Booster Club meetings will be published in advance and all members of the Booster Club are invited to attend the meetings.  To contact the Booster Club please email

Booster Club By-Laws