Sports Committee

UpdatedSunday April 5, 2020 byAdam Abraham.

The sports committee is made up of Parish administration and members alike as a supporting body to the Athletic Department. The sports committee meets monthly and is updated by the Athletic Director on information with regards to the state of the program. The sports committee also provides guidence and oversight to the Athletic Director and assists with major athletic projects and decisions.

As stated in the St. Thecla Athletics By-laws, #19, the sports committee will be organized as below:

19. Sports Committee Members

Anyone who has a child who is eligible to participate in St. Thecla Athletics may be eligible for membership with the St. Thecla Sports Committee, provided:
i. That person is willing to contribute reasonable time and effort as shall be requested of him or her by the duly elected officers, for the attainment of the objectives of this Committee
ii. That person shall not endeavor to cooperate with others to use this club for the furtherance of political convictions or to seek adherents in social issues not directly related to the expressed objectives of this club.
iii. Their appointment is confirmed by the Parish Pastor

All Sports Committee Members terms will be August – May, following the St. Thecla academic calendar. The sports committee will not meet in June or July, unless the committee decides it is necessary in the May meeting.

The committee is made up of the 7 following members:
Pastor or Pastor Delegate
Principal or Principal Delegate
Athletic Director
Sports Trustee
Sports Trustee
Sports Trustee
Sports Trustee

Pastor: Pastor of St. Thecla
- Is able to represent themselves or select a delegate.
- The Pastor or their delegate shall be the tiebreaker if there is an even number sports committee situation.
- The Pastor reserves the right to appoint additional outstanding members of the community as they see fit.

Principal: Principal of St. Thecla
- Is able to represent themselves or select a delegate as a committee member.
Athletic Director
- See section 17 for all information pertaining to the position.

Athletic Director

Sports Trustee (4):
Trustees must be nominated and then approved by the sports committee to receive a position. Trustees can be nominated by any active member of the sports committee, as well as any parent of a St. Thecla Student Athlete. Once nominated, the individual will be voted on by the sports committee. A majority vote grants that individual the position. Terms will be 1 year. If multiple nominations are received, the sports committee will discuss and vote on who is nominated, and then votes for approval of the nomination

The Pastor/Delegate, Athletic Director and Principal/Delegate will determine if the term is renewed by a majority vote. If the term is not renewed, the Athletic Director will inform the individual about the vote. Nominations will then be open from all committee members.

• Parents of St. Thecla Student Athletes can nominate any individual when nominations are being accepted by contacting the Athletic Director, or any member of the sports committee.
• Nominations must be open for 30 days.
• Nominations should be advertised in Parish literature for a minimum of 14 days before nominations closed.
• Nominations are then voted on by the Sports Committee for approval.
o A majority vote elects a trustee.
• Nominations will open in February or March and be voted on by active Sports Committee Members in the April meeting. Incoming Sports Committee Members will be invited to the May meeting.